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Sabine Ritter

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  Family law - Family therapist

After the first consultation for 200 Euro you are able to evaluate your financial situation and consider your legal options.

Family Law

  1. Divorce – amicable or disputed
  2. Separation – consequences and agreements
  3. Child maintenance – for minors and adult children
  4. Spousal support – conditions and calculation of claims
  5. Support claims for unmarried mothers
  6. Parental care and right of access / joint custody
  7. Assets and liabilities
  8. Compensation for increases in assets – right of information
  9. Pension adjustment
  10. Household and marital home
  11. Cohabitation and non-marital union
  12. Fatherhood – testing and challenging
  13. International family law and the law of the child
  14. Adoption of minors and adults