Sabine Ritter Attorney

Sabine Ritter

First consultation
200 EURO

  Family law - Family therapist

The first consultation for 200 Euro is a personal investment that can help you to feel stronger.

To understand conflict situations between people with different cultural backgrounds, knowledge of the law must be enhanced by taking into account the cultural dimension. It is always important to respect the other, and when this happens then appreciation and recognition of something structurally different can arise.

My experience has shown me that this can help to find constructive paths through conflict. Convinced that this is possible, I work enthusiastically with and for people from diverse traditions and mindsets.

The Basis of My Intercultural Expertise

  • Six months work at the Chamber of Commerce in Calcutta / India
  • Several close family ties to the USA for 25 years
  • Founder of a school project for children in Uganda,
    and for 10 years chair of
  • Working weeks in Uganda every year