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First consultation
200 EURO

  Family law - Family therapist

The first consultation for 200 Euro will help you to become more confident in assessing your own situation.


1. First consultation
The costs for a first detailed consultation, which usually lasts one to two hours, is standard at € 200 including sales tax.

The aim of the first consultation is to consider your personal situation in the light of family law and financial considerations, so that you can make informed decisions about how to proceed. Ensuing queries, by telephone or email, are included in the first consultation fee.

If you have legal insurance then your insurance company will usually cover the costs for a first consultation.

2. Good to know!
If you decided for an amicable divorce then you only need one attorney to manage the divorce. This saves almost 50 % of the costs.

3. Applying for legal aid
In family law cases, legal aid often has to be applied for. If you wish we can manage the application procedure.

4. Invoicing by hourly rate or according to the claim value?
It is possible to calculate costs by the hour or according to claim value. You will receive information on this during the first consultation.
Examples here: (German only).

If you wish to come to a first consultation, then you can arrange an appointment at short notice by telephone or email. We also offer evening appointments.

Please bring any relevant documentation to this meeting:

  • Marriage certificate / documentation of a registered non-marital union, marital or partnership contract
  • Agreement on conditions of divorce, judicial decisions, in-court settlements (if you have these)
  • Any relevant correspondence (with the courts, attorneys, your own correspondence)

If maintenance claims (child maintenance, separation claims, divorcee or partner maintenance) are to be calculated, then please bring the following:

If you are employed
  • income statements for the last 12 months (wage or salary statements)
  • documentation of your current financial commitments, especially insurance and other contributions
  • documentation of tax refunds in the last 12 months

If you are self-employed
  • Income and profit statements for the last 3 years
  • Income tax declarations and income tax assessment notices for the last 3 years